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Chapstick regimen story quiz

Beauty Confessions


Hey, beauty! We know skincare is all the rage, but don’t forget about your lip care routine! Tell us about your beauty habits, and we'll send you a coupon and a personalized lip care regimen you'll love. Plus, find out your unique beauty persona! (You’re welcome.)

First, help us get to know you a little bit better!

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Let's talk about your beauty regimen...

Which of your beauty routines gets the least amount of love?

Lip Fact:

Did you know that 90% of women have a skin care routine,
but almost none have a lip care routine? Crazy, right?!

You’re not alone!

Just remember: a wise woman once said, “treat yourself!"

If I *had* to choose, I prefer beauty products that have:

Love that, {{}}!

We’re one step closer to helping you find your perfect regimen.

All of my beauty supplies could fill:

Beauty Tip:

Try grouping your lip products by color.
It helps keep your makeup storage organized (and it looks pretty, too)!

I spend about the same amount of time
on my daily beauty routine as I would:

Yes, {{}}!

Getting glam in a snap!

Impressive, {{}}!

It’s all worth it for the ‘gram.

Next to your daily lip care routine, which
healthy practice needs the most improvement?

You are all of us!

The sleep struggle is real...

Life Hack:

We find that cute water bottles make great accessories
and can help remind you to drink more throughout the day :)

Beauty Hack:

Try keeping a small tube of sunscreen in your bag for on-the-go coverage!

Take time for "me" time.

Because we all know you deserve it.

Next up: Lip care TLC...

I’d rather

than have dry lips.

We totally get it!

The skin on your lips is the most sensitive, so we’d say the same.

It’s safe to say my lip care game:

You've come to the right place, {{}}!

Your regimen is in the works.

That’s what we love to hear, {{}}!

It’s about to get even better.

Last, but not least, tell us about
lip looks you love...

My ideal lip palette includes:

Lip Tip:

Try adding a dab of shine to the middle of your upper and bottom lips over your favorite shade.
It’ll accentuate your color and create the illusion of instant volume!

When it comes to the perfect lip finish, I prefer:


We’re filing this under *done*.

One last question! How did you hear about ChapStick® Total Hydration?

(This won’t affect your regimen results.)